About Us

Our businesses is to provide essential, practical solutions for our customers—from products that contribute to protecting the lives of soldiers / Citizens and corrosion solutions and specially designed product and coating systems for all types of Industrial needs.

Enhancing Materials Physical and Mechanical Properties By Design To Suit Customer Needs:
At Fusolve we know this, and our company is dedicated to harnessing legendary materials science capabilities from our technology partners from around the world, to help solve the India's most pressing challenges. Our light-weighting solutions in defence applications like blast mitigation coating systems or new age armour composites, increases fuel efficiency enhances easy / faster mobility for Armor field vehicles', this puts our defence and security forces in advantages position during guerilla warfare or any other surprise assault /encounter situations . Our understanding of advanced materials stimulates breakthroughs and transformative leaps in defence segment. Our specially designed Coating system and Composites help lower energy consumption, increase energy efficiency and protect assets and lives of soldiers and civilians, what matters most.

The efficient use of materials science helps us ensure the best future for our planet and its people.

Rising hostilities, inhospitable surroundings — these are the harsh realities of living in the world today. That’s why Fusolve takes safety and protection so seriously. We innovate and collaborate with companies, governments, industrial manufacturers, and academics to develop and test a wide range of materials, for defence applications.

Our Sustainable Solutions business leads the transformation of workplaces and work cultures in India by sourcing the technology and work practices from around the world to make it safer, more efficient, and environmentally sustainable. Our safety consultants can also help improve performance, develop life protecting technology to any kind of terrorist attack or assault from across the border .

As a technology company, fusolve has solutions to meet the challenges facing the marine industry. We offer products that improve your vessel’s design and efficiency, as well as services to ensure safety on board and at the port to improve on environmental performance . From tankers to offshore platforms to superyachts and everything in between, Fusolve offers technologies, products and services to improve compliance and performance and cost-effectively.

Ever increasing population, urban growth and industrialisation accompanied by demographic and geographic shifts, puts unprecedented demand on our planet and its resources particularly in today’s developing world.

The Mining Industry plays a key role due to the increase in demand on primary resources predominantly from emerging economies. The Mining Industry is constantly faced with the challenges of declining extraction grades, more geographically remote and/or politically challenging regions, increasing the scale of projects and the increasing need for Environmentally safe corrosion and erosion Protection solutions and enhanced Productivity & Reliability.

At Fusolve, we’re focused on dynamic science that generates real-world solutions for the Building & Construction Industries.